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🇬🇧 I'm currently trying out mastodon self-hosting with this account.

I'll keep this account if the server can take the load, but just in case, if you follow me here you should follow me at @n0m1s too !


🇫🇷 Je test actuellement l'auto-hébergement avec ce compte.

Je garderais ce compte si le serveur arrive à tenir la charge. Au cas où, si vous me suivez ici, vous devriez aussi me suivre là : @n0m1s

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an interactive visual simulation of how trust works (and why cheaters succeed)

Je viens de recevoir un mail me proposant de « découvrir StopCovid en avant-première »

Comment dire…

I really want to buy a macro lens and stop using my 50mm for everything macro-related :welp:

Anyway, here's some work-related stuff in my draft notebook :blobcatcamera:
:ic_camera: Pentax K100D super
:ic_lens: PENTAX-DA 50mm F1.8
:ic_camera_aperture: F/4.0
:ic_shutter: 1/50s
(edited with )


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Edited this for the Unsplash Nature collection (, and though I should share it here too :blobcatpeek2:

Taken with @AmarOk at in February
:ic_camera: Pentax K100D super
:ic_lens: Pentax-DA 18-55mm
:ic_camera_aperture: F/13.0
:ic_shutter: 1/200
(edited with as always)

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Hei @christoffer, er snabelen vert i Norge ?
Jeg letter etter en VPS i Norge for å installere en VPN og se på NRK (jeg kan ikke se på det med min fransk IP-address)

Kan du gi meg noen råd ?

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Si vous le souhaitez, voici une autre étude en psychologie sociale très prometteuse, sur les conséquences du confinement sur les états de stress /d'anxiété, à laquelle vous pouvez participer : Pour toutes questions veuillez contacter les chercheurs :)

Made some configuration changes on my mastodon instance.

Everyone can still see my toots ? :blobcatpeek2:

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Albert #Uderzo left us today... "Astérix" was certainly the first comic I read and his generous curved drawing style had a big impact on my way to draw. Rest in peace.

A Ferris wheel near Niagara Falls, (Canada side), February 2020.
:ic_camera: Pentax K100D super
:ic_lens: Pentax-DA 18-55mm
:ic_camera_aperture: F/5.6
:ic_shutter: 1/1000

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Des architectes se font parfois plaisir à faire des #ObjetsRonds et c'est parfait pour le thème #RoundThings du #WeeklyPhotoChallenge !

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